Ah, pumpkin seeds: The tasty reward after getting your hands (and maybe your kitchen) goopy after pumpkin carving. Rinse and pop 'em in the oven and you have a healthy, crunchy snack in minutes. But there are other ways to enjoy these healthy treats. Our favorite recipes are below. Warning: Some of these are so good you may even forget about Halloween candy!

Pumpkin Seed Crusted Salmon from The Gracious Pantry


Photo by Tiffany McCauley of TheGraciousPantry.com

If it's been on your list to get more omega-3s, we have you covered with this pumpkin seed breading. It's perfect to pair with salmon or any other fish you dig… or catch. The short list of ingredients is easy on your schedule, and the fish is easy on your heart.


Power Pumpkin Seed Smoothie from Henry Happened


Photo by Henry Happened

If you'd rather drink your dessert (and save some calories to boot), this pumpkin seed smoothie takes the cake, er… pie. Flavored with pumpkin pie spice, this treat is something to look forward to after you finish your pumpkin-carving masterpiece.


Pumpkin Seed Brittle from Mom Foodie


Photo by Mom Foodie

We couldn't resist at least one sweet treat (it is Halloween season). This gluten-free brittle is full of protein and iron and will satisfy just as much as a candy bar -- minus the partially-hydrogenated oils found in most store-bought treats.


3 Seed Pumpkin Muffins from Free Range Cookies


Photo by Free Range Cookies

Say goodbye to your muffin top and hello to a healthier you with this vegan and gluten-free muffin wonder! In addition to three types of seeds, three seasonal spices -- cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger -- mean you can literally taste fall in each bite. Three cheers to that.


Pumpkin Seed Garlic Pasta from This Rawsome Vegan Life


Photo by Emily von Euw

If colder weather has you craving more carbs than you care to admit, try this nutrient-packed 'pasta' made with zucchini as a healthy alternative to standard comfort food. And with nutritional yeast as an ingredient, it can boost your B vitamins and possibly your mood.


Pumpkin Seed Pesto from Oh My Veggies


Photo by Oh My Veggies

For a seasonal twist on pasta sauce or as a topping for crackers, use pumpkin seeds for pesto! We love the simple prep and clean up -- all you need is a blender. Plus, the raw ingredients provide extra nutrition over cooked food. Win-win!


Crispy Pumpkin Seeds from Kitchen Stewardship


Photo by KitchenStewardship.com

You’ll forget about reaching for the chips (at least during the fall season) when you can crunch on these pumpkin-pie and chili-spice flavored pumpkin seeds. Soaking the seeds first makes them crispier and easier to digest. Happy snacking!

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