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Whether it's the sounds, the fantastic people watching -- especially when a rival is in town -- or the smell of hot dogs wafting through the air, there is a never-ending stream of fun waiting to be discovered at the baseball park. It's a one-night vacation where you can sit back and be either as loud or quiet as you want.

However, going to the ballpark can give you a calorie count that's going, going, gone if you're not careful. And if you're not a regular at the stadium, you can easily use the visit as an excuse to eat all the baseball foodie faves that you don't normally have access to (read: nachos, hot dogs, frosty malts, the list goes on). But don't! The chant at the ballpark shouldn't just be for the home team; it should be, "All things in moderation." It doesn't have the same ring to it, but it’s what can keep you healthy.

If you can afford the prices, go ahead and enjoy that hot dog with onions and mustard, but maybe split the frosty malt. Avoid the biggie sizes at all costs, and watch your beer consumption -- this can save your waistline and pocketbook, since a single beer generally goes for the price of a six-pack (not the ab kind, either). Some ballparks even let you bring in your own treats!

Now, how do you not just sit on your keister the entire game? Start by walking around and stepping up the stadium stairs. Purposely park far away from the gates (which gets you out of the crowd faster when leaving, too) to get your walk on. And if the game gets bad, walk around the stadium to buy time for a comeback.

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