Do you wake up, make sure you drain every last ounce of liquid from your body, take off every stitch of clothing (including your gossamer-thin thong), step on the scale... and pray to see a lower number than the day before? Yeah, I know. Like most people, I've experienced my fair share of weight issues. I was never extremely overweight, but I wanted to be something I wasn't: stick thin. After getting mononucleosis in the tenth grade, I battled anorexia and bulimia for three years. I never really cared about how physically healthy I was; I only cared about the number on the scale. Eventually, I decided to stop being obsessed with my weight and gave up stepping on the "electronic devil," as I used to call it.

I don't weigh myself because…

Being skinny doesn't mean being healthy. This is something some people just do not understand. I'm no nutritionist, but one thing I've learned from my battles with food addiction and eating disorders is that calories mean energy, and the more calories our bodies burn, the more calories our bodies need. I frequently tell my mom to stop counting calories. You could cut your calories down to 1,300 calories a day in order to lose one pound a week, but if those 1,300 calories are made up of junk, your health won't benefit.

What we all need to understand is that seeing a "low-calorie" or "nonfat" label on something doesn't necessarily mean the food is good for us. We live in a world where a lot of what we eat is man-made. Here's a tip from me to you: Skip the low-fat food if it means less nutritional value. I used to live off 100-calorie packs and fat-free yogurt, but now that I focus on nutrition instead of calories, I choose to enjoy a 200-calorie organic toaster pastry and a low-fat, all-natural Greek yogurt instead. Healthy and delicious!

I've started to judge my weight by how loosely my clothes fit. When it comes to weighing myself, I have to give all the credit to my girl, Khloe Kardashian-Odom. A while back I heard an interview where she told the reporter she'd stopped obsessing over her number and started obsessing over how her clothes fit her. That inspired me to do the same. All of our bodies are built differently, and though we wish we could, we can’t assign fat to certain areas. So when I can slip into my skinny jeans without doing the jiggle dance or lying down on the bed, I know I’ve lost at least a little weight. It isn’t about how you look, but how you feel, and if you can feel comfortable in your clothes without being a certain weight, then you’re doing something right.

I actually lose more weight when I don't check my number every day. Instead of completely depriving myself of stepping on the scale, every Monday morning I get out of bed, empty my bladder and weigh myself. I’ve gotten so used to not weighing myself daily that sometimes I even forget to do it! When I used to weigh myself every day, I would freak out if I didn’t see the dial move farther to the left than it had been the day before. I’ve lost nearly seven pounds since I stopped doing that, and I don’t beat myself up if the scale says the same thing it did the week before.

Ladies, let's be real: We don't need to be a certain weight to impress guys, and we certainly don't need to be a certain weight to impress ourselves. Love you for you and just be healthy. If your goal is to be a certain weight, then more power to you! But don't hate yourself if you can't get there. You don't have to stop weighing yourself altogether, but try to wean yourself off the notion of living by a number. It's not about what you see on the scale; it's about the person you see in the mirror.