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If you are looking for your soulmate, then this tip is for you! When working with clients who are frustrated with their lack of success in the love department, there are four common recurring themes.

Whether you find yourself falling prey to one or all four, let's break each one down and discuss how to counter them.

1. Sexual Energy

If you are looking for the right one, stop having sex with anyone you have already concluded is the wrong one. No more hooking up with an ex or "friends with benefits." People are attracted to like energy. A sense of readiness and excited motivation shines like a bright light to attract a partner with similar desires. Sex with an ex dims that light and sends an ambivalent vibe to potential mates.

2. Feng Shui

Look around your house and bedroom. Is it welcoming and open? Or is it cluttered and chaotic? By creating a nurturing and inviting living space, especially in your bedroom, you are consciously making room for a relationship. Get rid of the clutter, make some space in your closet, and clear out a drawer. Making physical space in your home for your right and perfect partner is the first step to creating space in your mind and your heart for your desire to become your reality.

Another tip to attracting your soulmate, according to the principles of feng shui, is to have pairs in your bedroom. It can be a pair of statues, two nightstands, a set of lamps, etc.

3. Gratitude

Mentally revisit all of your past relationships, even the bad ones, and figure out what YOU learned. Then give thanks for the lesson. Even if you only learned that you never want to do that again, it is still a lesson and deserves recognition and appreciation. Growth is good.

4. Downloaded Blueprints

Unpack your downloaded blueprints about relationships -- negative stories about "the way it is." What did your family teach you about relationships? That men cannot be trusted? That women only want you for your money? Whatever those beliefs are, unpack them, look at them, and decide what you think. Change the limiting beliefs and feelings to possibility and promise.

If you're looking for love, what hinders you? What next right action can you take to bring you one step closer to creating the love you seek?

I hope you have an amazing week, filled with love, and, as always, take care of you.


Love Love Love


Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist known for her holistic approach, combining practical psychology, thought innovation, and harnessing the power of intention to create sustainable change. She has a unique ability to take complex theories and translate them into actionable steps you can implement into your daily life. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.