No, it's not hype. It's science.

I recently gave a talk to the National Wellness Association at #IHRSA in LA on culinary medicine and "manly dieting," and was overwhelmed with the response: Ten percent of the audience spoke with me afterwards, to ask if they could be in my beta test for men (and bring nine other men), which we plan to run online later this year. I loved it, and plan to include them. Meanwhile...

1. Walnuts

Walnuts help not your sex drive, but your performance -- especially when eaten after a fatty meal. They keep your arteries from constricting in response to or responding abnormally to exercise and exertion. Walnuts are also high in the amino acid arginine, which you need to make nitric oxide, which in turn keeps arteries flexible and improves your blood flow.

Dosage: Eight walnuts, with your meal, four hours before sex. Take with or instead of Viagra/Cialis/Levitra. 

2. Beans, legumes and seeds -- especially kidney beans, peanuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds

These foods are richest in arginine (see explanation above). An excellent study showed that a supplement high in arginine improved female desire, satisfaction and frequency of sex, regardless of menopausal status. Note: Watermelon, which generates arginine indirectly, probably only makes you pee more.

3. Mediterranean foods

Eat these if you have a big belly and metabolic syndrome. The Mediterranean diet works to help you burn belly (visceral) fat... which blocks insulin so you store more fat, squeeze your kidney and poison your liver. If you're a guy, you should know that belly fat turns the testosterone your testes make into estrogen. And impairs your ability to make muscle and get lean and strong.

The Mediterranean diet as a whole helps women with metabolic syndrome have better sex -- better overall desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, pain.

It also helps men overcome erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence. One third of obese men with ED cure their disease after two years of following a Mediterranean-style diet and exercise regimen.

Dosage: It's a meal! Three times daily.

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