Season Finale
Sunday, March 16th

7pm ET / 4 pm PT
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Cook Your Ass Off

Celebrity chef Richard Blais hosts Cook Your Ass Off, a healthy twist on a cooking competition show. Watch as three chefs battle it out each week to transform lives by spinning unhealthy dishes into nutritious eats. In the end only one chef will walk away with the Grand Prize of $50,000.

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Episode 13 The Last Slice

Season finale. Chefs battle for $50,000, serving a healthy spin on calorie-filled American standards like pizza and steak. Women’s Health editor-in-chef Michele Promaulayko and chef Nate Appleman join the judges’ panel. 

Air date
Sunday, Mar 16, 2014

Richard's Take On Healthy Pizza


Guest Judge Nate Appleman turns the tables on Richard Blais and asks how he would put a healthy twist on an American classic: pizza.

Why 'TV' And 'Dinner' Are Never A Good Combo


Keri and celebrity guest judge Michele Promaulayko break down why "tv" and "dinner" should never go together.

Chef Megan's Panic Hands


How can you tell when the pressure starts getting to Chef Megan? Her frenetic hand gestures as she races around the kitchen.

Who Will Take Home The $50,000?


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Richard biopage
Richard Blais
- Host

Perhaps most recognizable as the winner of Bravo's "Top Chef All-Stars," Richard Blais has played an influential role in hospitality for the last 15 years. Blais inserts his wildly-creative approach to cooking and cuisine into all of his ventures as a chef, restaurateur, author and TV personality.

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Keri biopage
Keri Glassman
- Nutritionist

Nationally recognized nutrition expert and published author Keri Glassman is the founder and president of Keri Glassman, Nutritious Life, a nutrition practice based in New York City. For years, Keri has been a leader in advancing a “whole person” approach to health and wellness.  She has dedicated her career to creating services and promoting education through her Nutritious Life brand. Keri was also the first registered dietitian to create a real food-based snack bar, KeriBar.

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Meg schenkman
Meg Schenkman
- Guest Judge - Episode 1
A stay-at-home mom from Newton, Pa., who struggled to stay slim following the birth of her son and two debilitating bouts of Lyme disease, Meg Schenkman is looking to make over her carb-heavy vegetarian diet -- and lose 80 pounds in the process.
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Nate appleman
Nate Appleman
- Culinary Judge - Episodes 1 & 8
Winner of the James Beard Foundation's Rising Star Chef Award (2009), chef Nate Appleman has appeared on Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef and was declared champion of Chopped All-Stars in 2011. He is the culinary manager at Chipotle Mexican Grill. 
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Angel rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez
- Guest Judge - Episode 2
A former bodybuilder raised in the Bronx, N.Y., Angel Rodriguez is looking to make over his meal plan with healthier options in order to lose weight, improve his sleep apnea, and reduce his dependency on blood pressure and migraine medications.
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Claudia fleming
Claudia Fleming
- Culinary Judge - Episodes 2 & 5
Winner of the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Pastry Chef Award (2000), chef Claudia Fleming has appeared on Martha Stewart Living, Chopped, and Top Chef: Just Desserts. She and her husband opened The North Fork Table & Inn in Southold, N.Y., in 2009.
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Keshia sessoms
Keshia Sessoms
- Guest Judge - Episode 3
A mother of three from New Jersey, Keshia Sessoms was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is searching for healthy -- yet tasty -- meal plans that will help her reach her goal of losing 60 pounds.
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Michael psilakis
Michael Psilakis
- Culinary Judge - Episodes 3 & 4
Michael Psilakis is the executive chef and owner of restaurants Kefi, FISHTAG, and MP Taverna, all of which feature cuisine inspired by Psilakis' Greek heritage. Psilakis has earned numerous awards and has been featured on TV shows including The Today Show and Good Morning America.
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The rectors
Tobey and Lynn Rector
- Guest Judges - Episode 4
Having recently undergone gastric bypass surgery, Tobey and Lynn Rector are seeking to liven up their boring meal plan while staying healthy and continuing to lose weight.
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Tracy balan
Tracy Balan
- Guest Judge - Episode 5
Celebrity hairstylist Tracy Balan suffers from weight-related health problems including sleep apnea and joint and muscle pain. With the help of the Cook Your Ass Off judges and chefs, she plans to design a healthier meal plan tailored to her fast-paced lifestyle.
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Dean singer
Dean Singer
- Guest Judge - Episode 6
A firefighter lieutenant from Danbury, Conn., with a family history of heart disease, Dean Singer is searching for ways to lower his blood pressure and cholesterol levels through healthy eating.
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Madison cowan
Madison Cowan
- Culinary Judge - Episodes 6 & 9
Madison Cowan is a chef, author and entrepreneur and the founder of Madison Cowan LLC, a global culinary production company. Cowan was the first grand champion on Food Network’s Chopped and a winner on Iron Chef America.
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Roger bonilla
Roger Bonilla
- Guest Judge - Episode 7
A father of six from New Jersey, Roger Bonilla is searching for a healthy meal plan -- preferably with no vegetables! -- that will help him ward off his family history of heart disease and allow him to begin practicing martial arts again.
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Danielle carrington
Danielle Carrington
- Guest Judge - Episode 8
A New York City paralegal who grew up on a farm in North Carolina, Danielle Carrington is living with the chronic disease multiple sclerosis (MS). She's searching for a way to fight inflammation with food and to get back to her hobby: stand-up comedy.
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Jill gonzalez
Jill Gonzalez
- Guest Judge - Episode 9
A stay-at-home mother of four from New Jersey, Jill Gonzalez is on a quest to find healthy meals for her whole family -- and say goodbye to her baby weight.
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Damaris lewis
Damaris Lewis
- Celebrity Judge - Episode 10
Internationally famous supermodel Damaris Lewis has been featured in three consecutive years of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and in countless promotional campaigns and editorial shoots. She is appearing on CYAO to raise awareness for diabetes and healthy eating.
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Natasha curry
Natasha Curry
- Celebrity Judge - Episode 11
Natasha Curry is the anchor/host of HLN’s Weekend Express with Natasha Curry and regularly fills in on Morning Express with Robin Meade.
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24179 013 03572
Haylie Duff
- Celebrity Judge - Episode 12
Haylie Duff is an actress, singer, songwriter, food blogger, and cookbook author. Inspired by her great-grandmother’s cooking, her first cookbook, The Real Girl’s Kitchen, features healthy takes on classic recipes.
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24179 014 04698
Michele Promaulayko
- Celebrity Judge - Episode 13
Michele Promaulayko is vice president and editor-in-chief of Women’s Health, which has received numerous awards under her supervision. In her spare time she enjoys traveling internationally, snowboarding and cooking.
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Chef Contestants
Ariane duarte
Gina Keatley
- Episode 1
A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., chef Gina Keatley is the founder and owner of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy, in New York City. Keatley is known for her humanitarian efforts and has been recognized as a CNN Hero (2011) and L'Oreal Woman of Worth. 
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Michael scipione
Michael Scipione
- Episode 1
Michael Scipione is the owner of Sano Catering, a private chef and catering service based in Philadelphia that emphasizes healthy eating. Scipione, a personal trainer for more than two decades, has appeared on Restaurant Stakeout and Cutthroat Kitchen and is known for his expertise in fitness and nutrition.
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Gina keatley
Ariane Duarte
- Episode 1
With over 30 years of professional cooking experience under her belt, chef Ariane Duarte owns and operates CulinAriane in Montclair, N.J, with her husband. Duarte's fresh and health-conscious cooking is inspired by her Italian heritage.
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Michael giletto
Michael Giletto
- Episode 2
With over 20 years of professional cooking experience, Michael Giletto is the executive chef and consultant at Medford Lakes Country Club, in Philadelphia. Giletto is committed to a diet free of gluten, salt and dairy.
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Michel nischan
Michel Nischan
- Episode 2
A father of five, chef Michel Nischan is the founder of the Dressing Room restaurant in Westport, Conn. He also founded the nonprofit foundation Wholesome Wave, which strives to provide greater access for all to affordable, locally grown food.
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Roxanne spruance
Roxanne Spruance
- Episode 2
A native of Chicago, Roxanne Spruance has been cooking since she was 15 years old and is dedicated to using seasonal and sustainable ingredients. She is the executive chef at Alison Eighteen, in New York City.
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Jose gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez
- Episode 3
Jose Gonzalez, whose cooking is inspired by his Dominican heritage, is the chef de cuisine at 67 Orange Street, in New York City. He can often be found volunteering at City Harvest or local high schools.
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Megan huylo
Megan Huylo
- Episode 3
Megan Huylo is the founder of Downtown Epicure, a New York City-based company offering personal chef, catering, and custom cleanse services. Huylo, a vegetarian and childhood cancer survivor, is a proponent of healthy plant-based diets for all.
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Daniel levin
Daniel Levin
- Episode 3
Florida native Daniel Levin is a partner with the New York catering company Ghetto Gastro. Inspired by his grandmother's cooking, Levin focuses on seasonal and local ingredients.
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Elyse jacobsen
Elyce Jacobson
- Episode 4
A mother of three and a graduate of Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School, Elyce Jacobson is the head chef and co-owner of Skinny Buddha Organic Kitchen, an organic catering service and fitness center in Westchester County, New York.
See episode

Jo proul
Jo Proul
- Episode 4
Sacramento native Jo Proul is the executive chef and a managing partner of Local 111, a renowned farm-to-table restaurant in New York's Hudson Valley region. She believes in eating locally and seasonally -- a diet she credits with helping her recently lose 60 pounds.
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Mustapha rahiim
Mustapha Rahiim
- Episode 4
After his father passed away from diabetes-related complications, New York City native Mustapha Rahiim became dedicated to a healthier lifestyle and launched a catering company, Herb 'N' Cooking.
See episode

Ian friedman
Ian Friedman
- Episode 5
New York City resident Ian Friedman is the founder of Family Planned Meals, a full-service private chef and catering company and family meal-planning resource. He is a member of the James Beard Foundation and has competed on Food Network's Chopped.
See episode

Luis nieto
Luis Nieto
- Episode 5
Luis Nieto is the executive chef at The Palm restaurant. A native of Colombia, Nieto is a graduate of that country's government-sponsored chef training program and has been inspired by his father's cooking career.
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Sue torres
Sue Torres
- Episode 5
New York native Sue Torres is the owner and chef of Sueños, an acclaimed Mexican restaurant in Manhattan. Torres has been recognized by the White House for her school lunch initiatives and has been featured on The Today Show, HGTV and Food Network.
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Leo goodloe
Leo Goodloe
- Episode 6
A native of San Antonio, Leo Goodloe is a private chef in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Italy’s Apicius School of Culinary Arts and a champion of healthy, fresh foods.
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Scott grewe
Scott Grewe
- Episode 6
Having lost 100 pounds himself, Florida native Scott Grewe strives to inspire others with his healthy cooking methods. He is a graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute and the sous chef at New York restaurant Aureole.
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Rachelle rodwell
Rachelle Rodwell
- Episode 6
New Yorker Rachelle Rodwell is a private chef best known for her Italian cuisine. Mindful of the U.S. obesity epidemic, Rodwell strives to prepare tasty meals without using sugar or flour.
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Michelle berckes
Michelle Berckes
- Episode 7
Michelle Berckes is a private chef and the head chef and nutritionist at Breezy Organic Snackery in Bernardsville, N.J. A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, a culinary school in New York focused on healthy cooking, Berckes is a strong believer in the healing powers of food.
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Chris ted jackson
Chris "Ted" Jackson
- Episode 7
Chris "Ted" Jackson is the executive chef and co-owner of Ted & Honey, a café in Brooklyn, N.Y., known for its farm-to-table initiatives and catering. Jackson has been featured on Food Network's Chopped and in publications including New York Magazine, Serious Eats and Time Out New York.
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Lucas manteca
Lucas Manteca
- Episode 7
Born and raised in Argentina, Lucas Manteca is the co-owner of The Red Store, a restaurant and general store in Cape May Point, N.J. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York (now known as the International Culinary Center), Manteca has worked as a chef around the world, including in Costa Rica, England and Spain.
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James briscione
James Briscione
- Episode 8
Florida native James Briscione is the co-author of Just Married and Cooking and the director of culinary development at New York's Institute of Culinary Education. He was the first two-time champion on Food Network's Chopped and has been a featured chef at the James Beard House and on The Today Show.
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Louisa shafia
Louisa Shafia
- Episode 8
Louisa Shafia is a chef, cookbook author, caterer and menu consultant whose approach is inspired by her Persian heritage. Her cooking has been featured on National Public Radio and in publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Every Day with Rachel Ray.
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Ulrich sterling
Ulrich Sterling
- Episode 8
A seasoned chef with nearly two decades of restaurant experience, Ulrich Sterling is the founder of Sterling Concepts Hospitality, a full-service food and restaurant consulting company based in New York City.
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Carla contreras
Carla Contreras
- Episode 9
A native of Rochester, N.Y., Carla Contreras founded Red Clog Kitchen, a New York City-based company that offers private cooking lessons, health coaching and pantry makeovers. She has appeared on Food Network's Chopped and is an instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York.
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Kelvin fernandez
Kelvin Fernandez
- Episode 9
Kelvin Fernandez is the executive chef of Blend on the Water, a waterfront Latin fusion restaurant in Long Island City, N.Y. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Fernandez' cooking incorporates French, American and Dominican cuisine.
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Marcus guiliano
Marcus Guiliano
- Episode 9
A champion of healthy and sustainable cooking, Marcus Guiliano is the owner and chef of the Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville, N.Y., a green-certified restaurant that showcases healthy, organic cuisine.
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