I have no plans to lets dudes stuff dollar bills into my bra, but pole dancing is a great way to tap into my sexuality and express myself while getting a great workout. Here's why I enjoy the freedom of breaking away from the gym and engaging in a form of exercise that makes me feel good about myself -- all of myself.

I pole dance because...

It’s awesome exercise. Pole dancing mixes cardio with strengthening exercises, giving me a full-body workout that taxes all my muscles. My abs, legs and arms are working nonstop. I work my core and upper body by climbing up and down the pole and supporting my own weight. It’s similar to pull-ups or squats, but sexier. Everyone should give it a spin -- my mom even tried and loved it!

It makes me more comfortable with myself. When I first thought of going to a pole dancing class, I was terrified. I couldn't imagine feeling comfy enough to get sexy in a room full of women I've never met. Plus, I knew the exercises and routines would require the finesse of a Coyote Ugly girl, and I would just end up looking like an ugly coyote. As it turned out, pole dancing was a fun way to bust (pardon the pun) out of my comfort zone. Learning the moves alongside other inexperienced women was what made the experience so fun.

It brings my sexy back. When it comes to pole dancing, the less you wear, the better the experience -- it's easier to grip the pole with your skin. And all that bare skin is a gateway to your sexuality. Dr. Laura Berman, a frequent contributor to O Magazine and The Dr. Oz Show, feels pole dancing is a pathway to sexual empowerment. "Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to movements that get you back in touch with your inner vixen," she says. Thanks for the confirmation, Doc!

It’s fun to do with those I love. Pole dancing doesn't have to be sexy. In fact, it can be a family activity. The memories you'll build swinging around poles together in a dark dance studio will last a lifetime! For my birthday, I asked some female family members to join me for an hour pole-dancing session. We’re an assortment of different ages and sizes, and most had never pole danced. We were timid when the class started, but by the end, we left laughing and wanting to come back.